FAB Business Technolgy, LLC is a custom technolgoy development company. We build solutions to tackle all kinds of business applications. With over 20 years of development experience across a variety of industries and technologies, rest assured that our passionate team can create the solution your business needs.


We have developed a very structured process to create the best solutions, but in general we...
  • We work with you or your team to research your objectives.
  • We develop a base strategy for solution development.
  • We create the initial solution for testing.
  • We roll out and train your team.
  • We continually support your team during the solution lifecylce.

What have we done?

Here are just a sample of some solutions we have come up with for our clients.


  • Scheduling Integrations
  • Quality Systems Applications
  • Paperless Workflows
  • Real Time Plant Floor Dashboards
  • EDI Systems


  • Specialized Care Dashboards
  • Therapy Care Note Management and Billing
  • Paperless Workflows

Recreational Sports

  • Receration Team Creation
  • Game Scheduling
  • Recreational Sport Business Management System
  • Background Checking
  • Concusion Training